Please Note that our JHB outlet shop is closed.
We can still be contacted on our JHB number 011 465 9533 or our factory number 016 365 5313.


Welcome to Potters Supplies

Potters Supplies and Mail Order has serviced the South African pottery and glass sector since 1969. Over the past 46 years we have been an important supplier to every level of the ceramic sector.

Our range of clays, glazes and tools have been the product of choice for potters at every level. Because we personally manufacture many of our products we can assure the very best quality and result.

Our kilns, equipment and hand tools are from local and international sources to ensure the best quality and price.

For all your pottery supplies, visit our on-line store or our factory store in Midvaal or our retail shop in Fourways, details on this web-site.

Should you require any technical support, please call or e-mail us.

We hope you enjoy the POTTERS website!


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Health & Safety

We would emphasize the need for reasonable care in the handling of all ceramic and enamel colours due to the presence of compounds of lead, chromium, antimony etc.

While many colours are quite harmless, the majority contain small quantities of one ore more metal compounds which can be regarded as toxic.

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